Seallam! Share Offer

We’re just over half way there – can you help us hit our target?

The target is £75,000!


Northton Heritage Trust (NHT) are planning a community share offer to enable the wider community to be a part of the exciting project to develop the records and exhibitions at Seallam! Visitor Centre.

A bit of background

Bill and Chris Lawson began documenting family trees in the Western Isles over 40 years ago.

The project grew into a purpose-built visitor centre – Seallam! (Gaelic for Let me see!)

Bill is keen to hand over his life’s work having donated the entire genealogical record of the Western Isles and his extensive library to Northton Heritage Trust.

The Community-led Trust wants to see the legacy preserved and taken forward – reaching new audiences and celebrating the heritage and culture of the Hebrides and its people.

What’s the plan?

An exciting future is planned. Using the Scottish Land Fund, the community will purchase the land and buildings around the current Seallam! visitor centre and the Old Schoolhouse.

Once in community ownership, the plan is to use grant funding and a community share offer to upgrade the existing visitor facilities to include:

  • a new state of the art Harris and St Kilda exhibition
  • an extended bookshop
  • a small tearoom with toilet facilities

Buy Shares

If you are resident in the Outer Hebrides (have voting rights there) you can buy shares at £25 per share up to a maximum of £10,000 and if you live elsewhere in the world, you can buy shares at £300 up to a maximum of £10,000 (10% of the planned share offer). Full details can be found in the business plan and our share offer document.